2023/2024 Timetable 


Saturday - Woodford

9 am - 11 am Mini Cheer Level 1 Prep Icicles

9am - 11am Youth Cheer Level 1 Prep Stars

11am - 12  Tumbling Ages 7-15yrs

11 am - 12  Tiny Cheer Level 1 Snowflakes & Cheer 4 Fun ages 3-7


Saturday - Hutton

2pm - 3 pm Tiny Cheer Level 1 Novice Blitz 

2pm - 4 pm Mini Level 1 Prep Frozen

3pm - 4 pm Tiny Tumble

4pm - 5 pm Tumble ages 7-15 yrs



Saturday - Shefford


1.30pm - 2.30pm Mini Level 1 Novice Gems

1.30pm - 2.30pm Youth Novice Level 1 Cubes

1.30pm - 2.30pm - Tumble Class levels 1 and 2 10 yrs+

2.30-4.30pm Senior Level 1 Eclipse

3.30-4.30pm Tumble Level 1 and 2 3-9 years



Monday - Hutton


5 pm - 7 pm Youth Cheer Level 1 Allstar Moonbeams

5 pm - 7 pm Junior Cheer Level 1 Allstar Thunder

7 pm - 9pm Senior Cheer Level 1 Allstar Storm 

7 pm - 8pm Level 1 and 2 tumble

7pm - 9pm Youth and Junior Level 3 development

8-8.45 Flexibility


Wednesday - Hutton


5pm - 7pm Junior Cheer Level 3 Cyclones

5pm - 6 pm Tiny/Mini Tumble session 3 - 8  years 

6pm - 7pm Tumble class Level 1 only 9 years +

7pm - 8pm Tumble session Level 2 only

7-7.45pm Flexibility class

7pm - 9pm Open Cheer Level 1 Hurricanes

8pm - 9pm Tumble class Level 3 only 


Wednesday Woodford


6pm - 7pm Tumble for all ages 

7pm - 9pm Junior Cheer Level 1 Prep Lightning

7pm - 9pm Senior Cheer Level 2.1 Icons
7pm - 8pm NINJA FR 7+



Thursday Billericay 


5 pm - 6 pm Cheer 4 Fun Age 5+

5pm - 6pm NINJA FR 7+

5pm - 7pm Youth Cheer Level 1 Sparkles

6pm - 8pm IASF U18 Dauntless Summit Team 

6 pm - 8 pm Junior Level 1 Crystals

7.30 pm - 9.30 pm Senior Level 4.2 Allstar Tempest



Friday Hutton  - Every 2 weeks - check dates


5.30pm -7.30pm - U12 Level 1 Titans

5.30pm - 7.30pm - U16 Level 2 Blizzard

7.30pm - 9pm - Junior Level 2 Shards

7.30 - 9pm Senior Level 5 Twister


Sunday Hutton - MONTHLY


Hub training - all teams - check dates and slots on your group chat










Our squad always welcomes new members.

Team Tryouts

Whilst every member has a place in the squad regardless of experience or ability, it takes hard work and skill to become a member of our competitive teams. At the beginning of each season, we hold formal tryouts for athletes wishing to join our competition teams, there are also midseason tryouts and if someone from our squad shows particular improvement and commitment, then they can be moved into the competitive teams in Januarys.

New Season Tryouts

At the beginning and end of each season we hold open days at Black Ice.  These are free trials, an opportunity to try out what we do and to see our squad train and perform. Everyone is welcome, all abilities, and anyone who wants to become part of our training squad is welcome. Particularly good for any child who is a little shy/unsure, there are always lots of other children who have not been before.

Mid Season Tryouts

At Mid Season Tryouts we allow interested kids to attend one of our training sessions, they are encouraged to join in and given help and encouragement. These are free trials, an opportunity to try out what we do and all are welcome.

New members

New members can join our mini and tiny prep squad or our rec team at anytime, we are happy to welcome newcomers to the Black Ice Family, there is no base level of ability required and you will receive the same coaching and skills tuition as any other member, you will also be allowed to join in performances in our showcases, open events, charity performances.


Please note trials must be booked in advance and we will limit the amount of new athletes introduced to any class.

Skills and Techniques

Our sessions include a number of different techniques that will improve your childs fitness, strength, ability, confidence and more. These techniques inlclude Basic Tumbling, Flexibility, Jumps, Motion Technique, Formations and Choreography. You will learn Dance, Cheers, Team Building and prepare for Performances and Shows.


Just as importantly you will be encouraged to develop many life skills, such as team work, confidence, goal setting, commitment and loyalty.

Training Address:



Black Ice Academy

55 Tallon Road


CM13 1TG




Woodford County High School

High Rd, Woodford,





Shefford Lower School

School Lane


SG17 5XA


Want to join us?

Join us!

We welcome new members throught the year, please get in touch with us to organise a trial or free taster session for our cheerleading, tumbling and ninja classes.

Call us on:



Mail us at:


or contact us directly using our  online contact form.

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